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Our Goals

Our website aims to provide an opportunity to let students explore economics
beyond classroom discussions. We look at things with different perspectives,
provide students with information with our research papers.

-Kunwar Abhay Singh

We will help in achieving success in SDG’s through Economics. Looking closely
we can tackle and help achieve ‘SDG 8 Decent work and Economic
Growth’ ‘SDG 9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure and ‘SDG 11 Sustainable
Cities and communities’ With the help of Sustainable Business opportunities
and Healthy Economic growth. We can create a shared blueprint for peace and
prosperity for people and the planet.

Economic society provides a framework for understanding the actions and
decisions of individuals, businesses and governments.Providing a mean to
understand interactions in a market-driven society and for analyzing
government policies that affect the families, jobs and lives of citizens.

-Vanssh Kapoor

This Economics Society is brought by us for the love of the subject. The
members of the society bond over different economic concepts and ideas and
strongly believe that economics is in the everyday, that there is something in
economics for everybody!

-Arian Bader

Our Achievements

Successfully written and published more than 8 research papers, covering a wide range of topics longing from Economics to sustainable businesses.
In the forthcoming months, we will be holding online workshops with high
school students with our aim to promote achieving SDG’s with the help of a
strong Economic infrastructure in our country.


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